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 Investment in Turkey
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Investment in Turkey

Dear Investor,

Turkey, situated at the crossroads where two continents meet, is an ideal center for investors looking for a location at the heart of Euro-Asia. With its dynamic and growing economy, huge market, competitive & skilled labor force, Turkey offers numerous opportunities to international investors. The liberal foreign investment legislation and the experience of more than 5500 foreign capital firms ensures a stable and reliable investment environment. At the request of our government, the Foreign Investment Advisory Service (FIAS), a joint facility of the International FinanceCorporation (IFC) and the World Bank, completed a study of the Administrative Barriers to Investment to enhance the foreign direct investment environment in Turkey and the necessary changes are underway.

The involvement of foreign capital is highly encouraged in Turkey's privatization program, South-East Anatolian Project (GAP) and major infrastructure projects. Petroleum and natural gas pipelines from the Russian Federation and CIS countries places Turkey at the crossroads of world's future energy resources. Turkey invites international investors from all countries and business sectors to take place in such a promising investment environment.


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