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What will you gain by SMETC membership? You will find the answers here.
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Our goal is to develop an international online business platform for the small and medium sized enterprises (SME's) - the dynamic sources of economy worldwide. At the same time, we aim at increasing the international business relations of Turkish SME's through our provision of information and support services.

SMETC is an independent private organization founded in Turkey. Our team consists of the consultants who have extensive experience both in international business operations and in IT sector. Our partner companies support SME's with management and quality related services which makes SMETC.com a marketplace where you will find manufacturers with high standards.

Currently, through our web site, we provide information and services both in Engligh and Turkish. By filling out a simple registration form, any user of our site becomes one of our members and they benefit from the following advantages:

Trade Leads:
SMETC members can
  • quickly find offers to buy, sell or cooperate by searching through our database using keywords
  • group the search results by the country, the date of the offer or type of the offer,
  • contact their potential business partners, conduct business sending or requesting quotes online,
  • post their own offers and gain the advantage of global marketplace

Member Companies Directory :
SMETC members can
  • search for and get basic information about the member companies and their products through the companies directory,
  • contact the member companies, place orders for their products or services online,
  • view member company's web pages to obtain more detailed information about the member company

SMETC members can
  • browse through the Showroom in which a list of product images of the member companies are displayed,
  • request quotes for any product online,
  • place their own products to be displayed in the Showroom by completing a simple form.

Company Web pages
SMETC members can create and update their own web pages with
  • their own company logo,
  • general information about the company,
  • company business profile,
  • contact information with several one address,
  • product showroom with detailed information and two pictures of the product

Alert Service:
SMETC members can
  • get information about the current trade leads in their areas of interest via e-mail as soon as they subscribe to our Alert Service

  • Support Services
    Our members who want to do business in Turkey can take advantage of our Support Services listed below.

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